"Once              upon              a time..."

...there were the skilled hands of Italian artisan craftsmen. Even to this day the luminarie used for festivals are supported by impressive wooden structures and are created by expert decorators, true masters of light who each year bring Baroque splendour to the streets of Italy’s historic centres.

…there were the luminarie, festival lights, conceived starting in the 1930s as a night time spectacle of illuminated elements, installed in order to decorate cities during holidays.

… and now there is LUMINIA
                                    SOMEWHERE BETWEEN ART AND DESIGN
                bringing RESEARCH AND EXPERIMENTATION
                                                    to the long history of the luminarie.

…and there were, up above, the luminarie of the festivals of the patron saints, celebrations between the sacred and the profane of the heavenly protectors, their rituals repeated each year, of which these lamps are the most sublime symbol. Light.

2019 @Luminia <3