• RING 1 (cod.C113)



      Dimensions: h_39 cm  l_66 cm  d_4 cm

      Light number: 20 LED

      Light color: As shown in the picture

      Structure material: Molded wooden frame

      Structure base: Wooden panel covered with eco-cement

      Structure color: White

      Base color: Green


      EXTRA 1: It is possible to request the desired light colors. Available colors: WHITE-YELLOW-RED-GREEN_BLUE


      EXTRA 2: It is also possible to request different panel colors, chosen among the colors: COFFEE-GREEN-BLACK-ORANGE). For custom colors send request to the e-mail address info@luminiaitalia.com


      Delivery time based on availability, number of pieces, and delivery address verification.

      Delivery time: 30 working days.

    • N.B.

      About the "Contemporary" lamps you should know that the imperfections on the superficial lacquering or on the frames of the socket are a testimony craftsmanship in the realization of the lamp. So they are added value and not defect questionable.

    € 200,00Prezzo

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